Justin Bieber Enjoys Late Night Date With Best Pal Tyler, The Creator

Popstar enjoys a late night meal with his BFF

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Justin Bieber Enjoys Late Night Date With Best Pal Tyler, The Creator
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When we heard Justin Bieber was caught having a romantic late night dinner where he shared a milkshake with a mystery brunette we were intrigued - however his date wasn't exactly what we were expecting - it turned out his fellow diner was none other than his buddy Tyler, the creator.

The bromantic couple instagrammed photos of themselves at Fatburger, a fast food restaurant in Hollywood at around 3.30am.

The pair were obviously very hungry as they tucked into two very large burgers and didn't let the fact that it was the early hours of the morning stop their snacking.

Justin looked very pleased with himself as he tucked into his meal and his pal Tyler the Creator showed of his own succulent looking beef burger to the camera.

Adorably, the cute 'couple' even shared a strawberry milkshake between them. According to gossip website TMZ, the pair chowed down two burgers,one cheese no bacon, one cheese no pickles, and one order of skinny fries.

Bieber enjoys juicy late night snack (TylerTheCreator/Instagram)

However they were quick to add that the pair split their drink into two different cups.

Which must be good news for Selena Gomez, not to mention his legion of female fans around the globe.

In other news, Justin is rumoured to be collaborating with Miley Cyrus on a new track called “Twerk”.

A source confirmed to E! News that the duo have already recorded the song which features another of Justin's friend's - Lil Twist.

They revealed: “Miley is heard belting, "I came up in the party, time to twerk," while the Biebs chimes in with, "Lemme see you get out on the floor, girl. We gonna party ‘til it's over."

"We can take it slow, don't need nobody to know," Justin adds.

It already sounds like a hit and after Miley's risque VMA performance, we are definitely looking forward to checking out the music video.

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